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Pressure Proof Challenges through Neuroscience and the Breath

• Unlock Human Potential, Break Through Barriers, and Mental Prisons

• Increase Mental, Physical, Breath, Performance and Endurance

• Infuse O2 Delivery Throughout Mind and Body for Mental Clarity, Critical Thinking, Efficency and Energy

• Reset the Stress Response System Naturally

• Balance the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System

• Self Regulate the Breath and Emotions Anywhere Anytime

• Manage Sleep and Insomnia

• Decompress Stress, Anxiety, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Loss, Lack and Indecision

• Free the Mind, Calm the Body

• Learn Natural Pain Management Processes

• Slow Aging with the Longevity Breath


Resiliency Strength Conditioning © is a powerful transformative coaching system developed from highlights estrapulated from three programs which are top in their field of expertise, excellence, research, study and results.

Life throws challenges delivering stress and anxiety in multiple areas of life: careers, education, business, home, finances, mental and physical performance, and relationships. 

Resiliency Coaches strategic alliance with Breath-Mind-Body, LLC., and Pressure Proof Academy, LLC., delivers TRAIN UP practices to remove invisible wounds, mental roadblocks,  unwanted habits, assists in healing physical wounds and improves wellness.

Evolve toward Peak Performance through Best Practices and The Search for Excellence from:

  •  Resiliency Strength Conditioning , TASK © 1985 

Technique, Attitude, Strategy, and  Knowledge

Taught to Businesses, Military Service  Members, C-Suite, Athletes, Fortune 500 Executives, and National and Global Teams for Peak Performance,  Accountability, and Results.                                                  

•  Breath-Body-Mind practices of Richard P Brown, MD,  and Patricia  L. Gerbarg, MD.                                           

•  Pressure Proof Coaching Accademy practices by Daniel Stewart,  Mental Training Techniques taught at the Olympics.

We integrate neuroscience and the breath to eliminate business and personal 'hot seat' or pressure scenarios within corporate  and other environments to ascend to higher human potential, wellness and performance.

Outcomes are moving from indecision, doubt, fear, and feeling unsafe to feeling safe, aware, cooperative, creative, and a sense  of belonging.  Feelings and attitude move from a contracted view of things to an expanded view or broader vision.

Results include the ability to bounce back from stress, anxiety, or life's setbacks and releasing that which no longer serves a greater purpose.  Learn how to stay younger with the breath of longevity while activating innate healing capacities and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.